Anne Yoch Russell
Paintings 2016 - 2012Paintings 2008 - 2002Murals 2016 - 2009PhotographyInstallations
I explore the tension between the beautiful and the destructive, particularly in seas and waterways. Many of my paintings are of explosions over water, icecaps melting, shipwrecks and oil spills, all which grow out of sequences of repetitive nightmares and actual events in the history of our world. Some works are inspired by natural disasters such as the tsunami in Japan and hurricanes that have caused major flooding in our country. Many disasters are caused by mankind’s continuous pressure on earth, due to the continued use of plastic and digging for oil. I am trying to engage with the mystery of what is taking place beneath the surface of the water, what seeps into and permeates that depth after these events. I am aware of all the ways we are putting more and more pressure on the Earth and amazed and frightened by our denial of this fact. This work explores the ideas of human kind’s endless attraction to scenes of terror, our perpetual delight in heroic rescue, and our enduring fascination with the power of the sea.